Mycoach Learning’s Content Lab caters to all facets of Corporate Learning needs – Product Training, Compliance Training, Induction Program, Leadership & Soft Skills Training and Application Simulation Training. Our Learning Content Solutions and Learning Solution Architects help you reach your learner’s expectations and achieve your organization's Business Goals.

Custom Elearning

Personalized and Tailor-made Elearning Content to fulfill learning needs

Gamified Learning

Highly interactive and engaging content using Points, Badges, Levels for enhanced learning experience


Highly impactful short learning nuggets with rich graphics and animation to create curiosity

Scenario Based Learning

Realistic Experiential Learning Content through well crafted scenarios to assist learners deal with complex situations

Application Simulations

Try-Test-Retry based Software and application simulations to replace boring user manuals

Blended Learning

Flexible Blended Learning content integrating classroom and Elearning approaches to deliver effective training

Just in Time(JIT) Learning

Short content through performance support tools and instant job aids to make learning stick

Digital Creatives

Inspiring Marketing & Promotional Videos, Static Graphics and Animated clips to enhance brand reputation

Immersive Learning

We fade the boundary between real world and virtual world using Immersive Learning Technologies
to provide a completely simulated environment to Train-Test-Retrain employees for complex tasks.

Virtual Reality

Truly immersive experience with recreated virtual worlds cater to any learning objective, especially skill-based learning

360 Videos

Unleash the potential of 360° videos to create product demonstrations, virtual walkthroughs and webinars

Mixed Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality synchronized to create real time experiences by fusing together digital and real worlds

Augmented Reality

Extend the reality by embedding vital learning content to create memorable learning experiences

Video Learning

Engage learners effectively through highly creative 2D and 3D videos

Create Interactive videos using our customizable video framework

Instructor Led Training

Identify Training Needs, Design, Develop and Facilitate Training on various Behavioral, domain and Technical Topics

Develop Instructor Manuals, Learner Manuals and SOPs for your Training curriculums

Translation & Localization

Cost-effective Translation of learning content to personalize learning across geographies using native translators and voice over artists