We have crafted a masterpiece to fulfil the needs of your Learning Team and Learners. Our Learning Technology Architects constantly help you to unleash the power of Mycoach LMS to nurture a learning culture in your organisation.

User Interface

Bolster your corporate brand with a fully tailored interface and deliver a pronounced user experience on multiple devices

  • Intuitive, Responsive and Personalized
  • Informative Learner and Admin Dashboards
  • Faster Course roll outs
  • Branding with Logo and Personalised Themes
  • Multilingual Support

Learning Management

Build and manage courses using a wide range of learning activities in various formats by integrating them in customizable learning paths

  • Easy Learner Management
  • Course Management in multiple formats
  • Customized Access Management
  • Learning Paths
  • Certification Management


Enhance Learner Engagement using Gamification and peer Learning Techniques to retain knowledge and skills gained

  • Gamification using Experience Points, Badges, Levels and Leaderboards
  • Discussion Forums
  • Chat based Coaching System
  • Course Ratings

Mobile Learning

Liberate learners with the power to access learning anytime and anywhere using a powerful Mobile App designed for learning

  • Access content on Mobile App
  • Offline Learning Feature
  • Collaborate with other learners


Help learners stay informed with reminders, alerts, and messages and coach through web conferencing

  • Email Confirmations
  • Notifications via App/SMS
  • Announcements and News
  • Inbuilt web conferencing
  • Event Calendar

Blended Learning

Blend Instructor led trainings and Elearning in a single program seamlessly and manage using comprehensive admin control

  • Instructor Led Training Integration
  • Virtual Classroom with whiteboard and Video Conferencing
  • Training Approval Management
  • Learner Sign-up Features

Learning Analytics

Configure powerful reports and visualise learner’s progress to lay remedial roadmaps and yield high engagement levels

  • Wide range of tracking options
  • Insightful Course reports
  • Actionable Learner Reports
  • Configurable Reports


Unleash powerful capabilities to scale your learning strategies to all associates of your extended enterprise

  • Extended Enterprise – Extend your LMS to Customers/Partners/Clients
  • Easy Migration from existing platforms
  • Personalized Multiple Organizations/Business Units


Continuously increase our learning management scope by integrating with various workflow tools

  • Integrate with Enterprise systems
  • Single Sign on with HRMS / CRM
  • Integrate with external webinar tools


Our support teams are prompt with erudite responses to challenges faced by your learners and learning teams

  • Fast and comprehensive support
  • Benefit of a support team experienced in handling thousands of Users
  • Support from Experienced Technology and Learning Solutions team focused on your learning strategies