Mycoach Learning partners with businesses to provide Learning Technology and Learning Solutions that help individuals and teams to perform their trades efficiently. We are part of Novac Technology Solutions, which offers IT and ITES services to transform businesses for the digital era.

At Mycoach Learning we deploy Evidence based Methodologies to meet your Organisation’s performance needs. We focus on your Business Outcomes, design result oriented solutions, and implement as per your organisation’s feasibility.

We believe learning should be accessible to anyone irrespective of their abilities and the learning resources should enable mastery of skills required to perform at their jobs. To facilitate this goal we follow a 3 pronged approach to our learning solutions.


Learning should be purposeful and should bring about a change in behaviour, skill and thought process. Our learning solutions provide support for practice and performance of the skills learned. We begin with the end in mind while designing our solutions and hence create resourceful assets that facilitate self-reflection and a capability to monitor their own performance.


We strongly believe that Engagement can be achieved through motivation which is a key factor that drives performance. Our solutions utilize effective strategies to maximise individual’s effort, persistence, and self-regulation which are vital in sustaining motivation. Our Learning solutions are optimised for relevance, value, and authenticity so that the learners can readily transfer the knowledge and skills into performance. Collaboration, mastery-oriented feedback, exploration of the learning environment and freedom to fail are some of the unique approaches that make our learning solutions stand out.


Our Solutions Architects adopt various methods to help learners perceive and comprehend behaviours that enhance performance. We provide our performance aids in a variety of mediums such as audio, video, infographic, text and more to ease visualisation and information processing.

Looking forward to partner with you and help you transform your desire of enriched employee performance into reality.